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Working-an autobiography from 1971-

My working life in a wide variety of occupations.
Expanded stories of some notable places of employment as well as a general overview of life's flow.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The summer winds down

Another very pleasant group were the "Dancers of universal peace" who were a group from the Ymir area.
Some of them were family members and others were friends. They brought a few dogs too which Boo-Boo liked.
They were very laid-back and cooperated on the cooking and other chores between the group and always did a project to improve the camp on each yearly visit.
Another bonus was I didn't have to be up early to pick up a cook as they all stayed over for the week.
But I found myself being awakened very early by pine cones raining down onto the cabin's metal roof as the crazy squirrel collected his winter feed.
Boo-Boo would rush out to find him and he often ran down the tree to just out of reach where he scolded her loudly.
The mornings were getting cooler in late August, but the summer for the most part had been terrific for me.
It became dark earlier and the lamp was lit in my cabin by about 8 each evening as I read on my bunk.

It was my usual routine to wander around the camp after supper to check on everything and see that the water was flowing through the gravity-fed pipes leading from the creek uphill from the camp.
We had a little shed where a purification sand filter and required chlorine system injected the necessary amount automatically. we had to check it daily and test the water. Boo-Boo followed along and watched for varmints, hoping to see something worth chasing.
By this time she was in fantastic condition physically and spiritually.
After our tour I went to the shower room beneath the kitchen for a relaxing cleanup and then retired to the cabin to read until around 10 (if I could stay awake).

After their week, the camp was done for the season and Frank, David, Peter and I put everything into storage and loaded our gear into the boats to return to civilization.
I was sorry to leave and the boys and I hoped we could all return the next year.
Both Boo-Boo and I had been kept in great shape by the vigorous work we had done during the past months and I kept up with my daily hikes with the 3 dogs in our neighbouring hills.
My mind was fixed on finding work, but hoping I could somehow return to Koolaree.

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